Biophysical Society FSU Student Chapter

Who are we?

We are a collective of FSU students with the goal of showcasing to the public the field of biophysics: a wonderfully diverse and innovative field of study that combines the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics to take on some of the most interesting and challenging topics in research.

Who can join?

Any student, graduate or undergraduate, who has an interest in biology, chemistry, or physics, and would like to see how biophysics combines these fields to investigate core concepts in areas such as pharmacology, is encouraged to participate!

Monthly Chapter Meetings!

At the end of each month, the chapter will hold a meeting over a specific topic or technique in biophysics. These meetings will feature presentations from both FSU faculty and students. Tentative topics for the Spring 2018 semester are: X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-EM, and Biomolecular NMR. Coffee and donuts will be included at each meeting!

Presentation Opportunities!

Want to present an interesting article or your research at one of the meetings? Or do you want to practice giving a presentation? We want to give you that opportunity! Contact the chapter president with your request and an outline of your presentation, and we will work to giving you a chance to speak! Both graduates and undergraduates are encouraged to present?

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FSU Biophysical Society Student Chapter

Contact Information:

Chapter President: Ryan Campbell (